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Tips for Traveling with Pets

Tips for Traveling with Pets

Planning a vacation? Thinking of taking your family pet along, but want to leave the stress behind? Here are some must read tips for traveling with pets.
Last Minute Aruba Vacation Deals

Aruba: A Caribbean Delight

Are you thinking about a summer vacation that offers sun, sand, entertainment, and great food? Well Aruba may be the place for you. Approximately four and a half hours from New York, you can wing your way to a tropical paradise and hit the beach upon arrival. The Bucuti &...
Save Money On Cruises

How to Save Money while on a Cruise

Whether you’re a cruising veteran or a newbie without sea legs, you want to get the biggest bang for your cruising buck. The best tip is to be aware of all the extras charged to your room and don’t go over budget. Many people do not realize that all-inclusive does not...
Educational Trips for Kids

How to Make any Trip Educational for Kids

Whether you are going for a day trip, weekend trip or a full-blown vacation, traveling with kids can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is keeping them occupied. A lot of parents resort to video games, cell phones and portable dvd players to keep their kiddos...
Cheap Bahamas Vacation Deals

Bahamas: Paradise Island

Before it became the “place to go,” Paradise Island had one hotel. Most visitors to the Bahamas usually stayed in hotels in Nassau; close to town where shopping, restaurants, and nightlife was always within short proximity to the hotels. Today, however, Paradise...
Cheap Barbados Vacation Packages

Barbados: A Jewel in the Caribbean

If you would like a summer vacation that you would truly enjoy, why not think about Barbados as your destination? Barbados is filled with culture, history, sun, sand, shopping, fine cuisine, and great accommodations. Known as the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown offers duty-free...
Cheap Belize Vacation Packages

Belize: A Cavernous Adventure

Looking for adventure, education and natural wonder to go along with your tropical drinks? A week-long tour of Belize’s jungles, caves and Mayan ruins may be just what you need. Here is what a typical seven-day adventure tour of this Caribbean/Central America...
Cheap Bermuda Vacation Packages

Bermuda: Not Just for Honeymooners

If you are looking for a short summer vacation that is both affordable and offers every amenity you can think of, why not choose Bermuda? Only two hours from New York, Bermuda has pristine beaches, incredible entertainment, and great cuisine as well. If you’re looking for a...
Cheap Brazil Vacations

Brazil: A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Would you like to spend a week soaking up the sun on a white sandy beach? Why not choose Rio de Janeiro for your next vacation? March through June and August through November are considered the best time to travel there as it is considered off-season for travel to Brazil, so now...