Belize: A Paradise Filled with Adventure

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Take a 7-Day Adventure Tour and Explore Belize

Looking for adventure, education and natural wonder to go along with your tropical drinks? A week-long tour of Belize’s jungles, caves and Mayan ruins may be just what you need.

Here is what a typical seven-day adventure tour of this Caribbean/Central American paradise might entail:

Day 1 

Unwind by the pool with a cocktail while reading up on some of the places you’ll be visiting that week. If you’re eager to get out and about, head over to the Belize Zoo and get acquainted with some of the local wildlife.

Day 2

You might begin your tour with a River Cave expedition. It combines cave tubing and hiking inside the main chamber, with additional exploration of the chambers higher up in the cave. You will come upon Mayan artifacts, pottery, and you will be given information on the inhabitants of the cave as well as a description of a Mayan ceremony.

Day 3

You can begin an overnight Cave Expedition. This special trip begins with a 1.5 hour long hike into the jungle where you will arrive at the site of the 300ft deep sink hole called the Black Hole. You will be provided with help by local guides who will give you step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on repelling into the sink hole. After lunch, you will hike to the entrance of the cave nearby and setup camp. Cave exploration is allowed and you can enjoy sitting by the campfire while listening to the guides tell stories of past trips, and recount the tales of the ancient Maya that inhabited the cave.

Day 4

You can enjoy the Waterfall Cave expedition. This tour takes you for a short hike to the cave entrance, and then another 10-minute hike to the site of the waterfalls inside the cave.

Day 5

Another adventure awaits on horseback. You will be taken to the Blue Hole Horse Trails, a branch of the grand equestrian lodge of Banana Bank. This adventure offers you the opportunity to see the jungle in the most unique way; on horse back.

Day 6

Take in a day of kayaking on the nearby Sibun River. The upper portions of this river are considered one of the most pristine in Belize. This river flows past vast jungle areas, through rocky mountain juts and through the gorgeous lush rainforest of the Sibun watershed. You may see some wildlife, colorful birds, or hear the call of the Howler Monkeys or maybe even catch a glimpse of a Jaguar on the banks of the river.

Day 7

You may want to leave this day open to take in one or more of the many attractions recommended by all the wonderful people you’ve met over the past six days!

The culture of Belize is made up of a Caribbean culture and the lifestyle. The people combine a diverse ethnicity including: Maya, Creole, British, Spanish, Garifuna, and Mennonites. Thus, there is an influence derived from all these ethnic groups that make Belize one of the most remarkable societies in the world today.

Considering there are more than five hundred Mayan ruins in this country, you will no doubt be able to visit many of them on your journey. Take some time to research Belize and the many tour packages offered. This is one of the most fun and educational trips you and your family will every take and the memories will last a lifetime.

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